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What sort of photos can help after a car crash?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2024 | Uncategorized

You probably know you can seek compensation if you are injured in a collision with another vehicle, and that crash was caused by another party’s negligence. Whether you succeed or not, and to what degree, will come down to how the fault is determined. Was it the other driver’s fault, mainly yours, someone else’s entirely or some division in-between?

Evidence will be key to determining fault. A police report will serve as evidence, but you also have the opportunity to gain further evidence of your own and one of the best ways to do this is by taking photos or video.

Most phones have cameras

You don’t need a camera with you, as your phone likely has one on it. Taking pictures at the scene can prove you sustained a particular injury as a result of the collision as opposed to before or afterward. They might also show that the driver who is now claiming you injured them emerged unscathed, depending on the circumstances of your wreck.

Conditions on the day

Weather and poor road conditions play a large role in some crashes. As such, capturing “how it really was” is important. For instance, you could show how a patch of ice caused you to lose control. Or you could show that the other driver’s claim it was hard to see you is untrue because the scene of the collision was very well-lit.

Anyone who may have witnessed the crash

Not everyone who witnesses a crash will stop or contact the police. Yet they may have vital information, such as seeing another driver jump the lights. A photo or video of witnesses or their vehicles could help the police or your legal team track them down later.

Getting legal help to evaluate any photos or videos you took into a compelling case can potentially help to increase the likelihood that you’ll get the compensation you are due in the end.