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    • People v B_____
      Felony Resist and Obstruct reduced to misdemeanor, no jail
    • People v T____
      Domestic Violence 3rd, Domestic Violence 2nd, Habitual Offender 2nd reduced to Domestic Violence 3rd, 60 days jail
    • People v G_____
      Domestic Violence, dismissed
    • People v J_____
      Controlled Substance – Del/Manf Cocaine, Drug Supplemental, Habitual Offender 3rd reduced to Controlled Substance – Del/Manf Cocaine Less than 50 grams, no jail
    • People v B_____
      Domestic Violence 3rd, Habitual Offender4th, reduced to Attempt Domestic Violence 3rd, 30 days jail
    • People v S____
      Felony Aggravated Domestic Violence, Habitual Offender 4th, Dismissed
    • People v R____
      Receiving and Concealing Stolen Motor Vehicle, Dismissed
    • People v S____
      Prisoner Possessing Contraband, Dismissed